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Hansen Fitness For Golf

17175 Von Karman Ave

Suite 104
Irvine, CA 92614





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Junior Fitness Programs

Our Junior Golf Fitness Programs are designed to create the best athlete possible. Our approach is based on the development of the golfer as they age and grow. Please click here to see an interview we did for the Southern California PGA magazine that explains our program thoroughly.

Based on these principles we offer one-on-one and group classes strategically designed based on the age of the golfer. Our goal is to safely develop our juniors with not only strength, flexibility, and balance, but to create an all-around mentally and physically tough golfer that is prepared for current tournament play as well as future development for college and professional careers.

The junior golfer at Hansen Fitness will have fun, learn, and prepare themselves for a lifetime of health on and off the course.


Your First Class is FREE!

Paul Sun, Junior at Woodbridge High School

"When I play 18 holes, I don't feel so tired and I feel more strong and more confident."