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Live Adult Golf Fitness Classes

3 Live Classes Per Week

Minimal Equipment Needed

These live classes taught by Mike Hansen are designed to motivate, inspire you and hold you accountable to reaching your goals. Learn fun new ways to get a great golf workout in and make sure you're doing the exercises correctly, right in the comfort of your home, with one of Golf Digests Top 50 Trainers!
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Monday 10am- Golf Strength
This class focuses on the essential muscles needed for a sound golf game. We focus on the core, glutes, rotational muscles, posture and other facets to improve your health and game.
Wednesday 10am- Golf Stretch and Stable
Flexibility and Balance are necessary for a consistent golf swing. This class focuses on both, with a low impact program that incorporates your golf club and both dynamic and static stretches.
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Friday 10am- Golf Cardio
Get your heart rate up and have fun with this creative class that focuses on dynamic movement, rotation, strength and mobility with a high pace setting.

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