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Lower Back Pain Prevention

The number 1 reason people stop playing golf is………..Lower Back Pain!

It’s crazy to think this very common injury, discomfort, pain in the rear would wreak havoc on so many golfers even the best in the world. I can go on and on about Tiger, Jason Day, Rory, and some of the top PGA guys and their lower back, but I’m talking about the desk jockeys, the guys that sit at a desk all week and head to the course Saturday morning and play after a 30 second warm up.

Folks lower back pain caused by your golf swing can be prevented, with some simple prep exercises to reverse the hunched over at a desk, being in a seated position for 10 hours a day.

Check out this new video for 3 exercises that will help alleviate, and prevent lower back pain, and also help you hit the even better!

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