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Online Fitness Programs

Welcome To Our Online Coaching Program

Live Golf Fitness Assessment

We'll conduct our Golf Fitness Assessment live using Zoom to allow us to design your specific program

Your Golf Fitness Program

We'll design a personalized Golf Fitness program designed from the findings in your initial live video assessment 

Access Our Mobile App

You will receive your personalized Golf Fitness program via our free app so you can access your workout anywhere anytime

How Do I Get Started?

Step 1

Choose which program is best for you from the menu below, click "get started" and you will be taken to our payment page. 

Step 2

Once we have received your payment we will send you your online program registration and initial consultation form. Please allow 24 hours from time of purchase. 

Step 3

Once we received your completed initial consultation form we will contact you to schedule your live Initial Golf Fitness Assessment

Who Will Benefit From Online Golf Fitness Coaching?

The Busy Professional

Don't have time to play golf let alone workout for it? We get it, golf can be time consuming, but if your body is not ready to play when you are, it gets frustrating.

All you need is 20-30 minutes two to three days a week. You can do your program in your living room, hotel room, garage or back yard.

The Knowledge Seeker 

Already workout a lot, but not sure if you're benefiting or hurting your game? 

Our programs will ensure your golf game will get better from your time exercising. 

Maybe you're looking for those 1 or 2 things you can do before you play to get warmed up, our programs include that too!

The Budget Conscious Golfer

Get our 15 years of knowledge from working with golfers of all abilities at a fraction of the cost of working with us in person. 

We know golf can get expensive, with equipment, green fees, and instruction. Our thought is golf is much harder to play with an injury or a poor understanding of what the body is doing in the swing.

Check out how LPGA star Lee Lopez uses the mobile app to stay in shape while she is out on tour

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q:  What do I need to get started?


A:  All you need is a free account running the latest version of the software. For the Live Remote Initial Assessment, and coaching sessions, we recommend using a desktop, laptop, or tablet, with an internet connection. Your personalized golf fitness workout will be delivered via our easy to use app.



Q:  Does it matter what skill level in golf or fitness I am?


A:  No, it does not. All of our programs are designed specifically for you no matter what your skill level is. We progress your programs as you progress.

Q:  What is Zoom?


A:  Zoom is a free internet based video calling program (Mac or PC) that gives users the ability to talk face-to-face over long distances for free. You can download your free copy at

Q:  How much room do I need?


A:  For the Live Assessment and Remote Coaching sessions, we recommend an area at least 8 x 10 feet.



Q:  Are there any prerequisites?


A:  No, the only thing you need is a desire to get better, and the discipline to complete your exercises 2 - 3 times per week.  



Q:  I want to put my son/daughter on your program, is there an appropriate starting age?

A:  Our training programs are optimized for the skill level and playing ability of each player regardless of age. Our rule of thumb is: If a young player is actively involved in playing golf, then they are old enough to benefit from our Coaching programs. However, for players under the age of 13 we require a parent or guardian to participate in the online portion of the Live Remote Coaching sessions to insure clarity and safety.

Q:  I travel a lot. Will I have time for your program?


A:  We encourage people that travel to enroll in our programs. We began this program designing workouts for our traveling tour players. Most exercises you can do right in your hotel room.



Q:  How long should I expect before I see results?


A:  Most players begin to feel changes immediately, and start to see results on the course in 2-3 weeks. Results vary based on each player’s individual focus points, available time, and commitment.



Q:  What equipment do I need to complete your workout programs?


A:  The beauty of our program is typically you don’t need any equipment to get started. As you progress we may ask you to purchase a few resistance bands, but that’s it. Weight training equipment is not needed for our programs.

Q:  What do I do at the end of my program?

A:  When your initial program is complete, you have 2 options. You can choose to simply use the knowledge and motivation you gained from your program and continue on your own, or you can enroll in our online month-to-month program and continue to progress and enhance your golf body.

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