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Golf Fitness Assessment


The first step toward a golf fitness program is our Golf Fitness Assessment; this will give us the opportunity to learn exactly how we can assist you and which of our programs suit you best. Our goal is to have you more flexible, stronger and playing your best golf as soon as possible. This step is the road map to tell us how to get there!

Golf Fitness Assessment

Our fitness assessment protocol allows us to detect physical limitations in your body, such as inflexibility and weaknesses in the muscles and joints that may lead to injury or limit your body from making an efficient golf swing. This will help us to design the most result oriented workout program for your needs. The majority of this assessment is the same one used by the professionals at the Titleist Performance Institute.

Complete Findings Report

Following your assessment you will receive a complete report of our findings with comparisons to those of the average PGA Tour player. This report will also relate physical limitations with possible swing faults you may suffer as a result. In this report you will also receive a Golf Fitness Handicap, this is a score ranging from 0-36, much like a golf handicap, the lower the better

Time: Our initial assessment is one 60 minute session


What to Bring: Workout clothes and gym shoes 

Classic Title

Jim Early, Client since 2012

"huge improvement in my overall fitness, and also been tremendously helpful with using exercises that really translate into the golf swing."

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