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Golf Fitness You Can’t Afford To Miss

Have you heard about our new open gym concept?

We are excited to offer this individualized golf fitness model at a fraction of the cost of our 1-on-1 coaching. We realized clients enrolled in our classes do not necessarily need to be doing the same workout as the other person in the class. Different bodies, goals, and abilities have proven that. This model will allow us to make every program tailored to each golfer.

Here is how our new model will work

Each client will go through an extensive assessment process in which we will address the following.

Health history

  • Status of your game

  • Past exercise history

  • Mobility & Stability as it relates to your swing

  • Current movement patterns as it relates to rotation

  • Power - Discover your main power sources

  • Strength

  • Swing Speed

  • Short and long-term goals

  • And more…

Following the assessment

We will create the ideal program for you based on your assessment findings, goals, time, urgency, and current abilities. Your workout will be available to you here at our Irvine gym during our open gym hours. We will conduct periodic assessments to ensure we are on the right track to reaching your goals.


We have 3 memberships to choose from

  • The Par Membership

    • Visit the gym up to 2 times per week.

  • The Birdie Membership

    • Visit the gym up to 4 times per week

  • The Eagle Membership

    • Visit the gym up to 6 times per week

Open Gym

There will always be a certified coach to assist you with your program. Each hour will be limited to 6 members. You will have access to all equipment in the gym, including speed sticks and other swing aids.

Additional Benefits

Each member will receive access to our app to provide you with routines you can do at home. Programs include 15-minute routines for the hips, thoracic, back pain, shoulders, and balance. Included in the app are also various warm-up routines you can do at home before you leave for the course, on the range, or on the first tee box.

You will also receive discounts on merchandise, recovery sessions, and more.

Ready to get started? Schedule your initial game improvement assessment today! Simply reply to this email

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