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Stop Slicing For Good With These Simple Drills

Sometimes golf lessons don’t work if you can’t do what your instructor is asking

Physical limitations can wreak havoc on your golf swing, and they show up at the worst times.

Your body will ALWAYS take the path of least resistance, especially when it comes to the golf swing. The best golf instructors in the world can’t help you if your body doesn’t cooperate.

I see this the most with the dreaded over-the-top move in golf. You’ve seen it, the lower body doesn’t move and the upper body slashes at the ball.

I’ve said it a million times, “give a guy a stick and tell him to hit a ball, he’s not going to use his legs”.

The lower body must be active to get the club on plane and create maximum efficiency.

I made a video that will help you!

#1 Get your legs more active in the swing

#2 Help you to use your lower body first and keep the upper body behind the ball

#3 Get you to understand proper sequencing

Check It Out Here:

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1 Comment

Great stuff! Will try. Isnt the gear also an important factor? I've tried to switch up the kind of golf ball Im using with less spinn / more spinn depending on what Im trying to do. Recently played a new brand called stripe golf and their ball No.2. (Link) Great distance = less spinn right?

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