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Play Longer - Play Stronger 

6 Week Challenge

" We guarantee you will increase your clubhead speed in this 6 week program, or we'll give you your money back!" - Mike Hansen

Classic Title

Program Details

TPI Golf Fitness Assessment

K-Vest 3-D Reading 

Clubhead Speed Reading With SkyTrak

We will use our Golf Fitness Assessment to discover physical limitations and/or weaknesses in your body that may be limiting your swing speed.

Our K-Vest reading will determine your swing efficiency and if you have any power leakage in your swing. This will also give us an idea of your mobility and stability throughout your swing.

The SkyTrak reading will give us your initial average clubhead speed numbers and ball flight tendencies. We will measure at the end of the 6 weeks to prove our process.

4 Small Group Workout Sessions

Small group classes to teach you how to train your body for more speed. This is where the magic happens, this is where you learn to use your body with maximum efficiency. 

Online Golf Fitness Program 

One workout per week will not cut it. We design a program for you with our easy to use and follow app. The at home workouts will show you how easy it is to perform exercises for your best golf ever.

These services sold separately would be over $900

Program Price only $250!!

Success Stories

Taylor C. Scratch Golfer

Christian C. 12 yrs old

Mike S. 13.8 Index

"I've worked with other trainers in the past, but this is really tailored to golf"

"i hit my first 300 yard drive, and got my first eagle"

"I can take what I've learned here and really apply it to my golf swing"

2018 Upcoming Challenges

How Much Speed Will You Gain?


Saturdays 9-10 AM

Jan 27th - Mar 3rd

Class Full


Tuesdays 6-7 PM

Jan 30th - Mar 6th

Class Full


Only $250

Don't Live In Southern California?

Enroll In Our Online Challenge!

We'll deliver our proven workout programs to you via our mobile app!

You'll receive a 6 week fitness program you can do in your home or a gym of your choice. Minimal equipment needed.

Each programs include a pre-game warm up and speed sets using your own driver.

Program Benefits

  • More Flexibility & Mobility

  • Increased Stability for Consistency

  • Improved Core Strength

  • More Controlled Club Head Speed

  • Reduced Aches & Pains From Golf

We accept all major credit cards

Still have questions about the challenge, let us know. Or request a different time for a challenge here

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