How Can A Golf Fitness Assessment Help You?

I took a local teaching pro through our golf fitness movement assessment. I uncovered his physical limitations and which faults they could cause in his swing.

We put it all on video so you could get an in depth look at what we do, and how the assessment process helps us help you.

Interested in an assessment? Let us know, we'd love to help you get your game in shape.

Want to skip to a certain limitation?

2:55 Hip Turns

4:10 Shoulder Turns

5:20 Pelvic Tilt

6:55 Overhead Deep Squat

11:05 Ankle Mobility

12:16 Balance

14:30 Internal & External Hip Rotation

18:05 Thoracic Spine Rotation (shoulder rotation)

19:27 External Shoulder Rotation

22:37 Cervical Rotation

24:40 Lat Mobility

27:06 Glute Activation Assessment

28:54 Wrist & Forearm Mobility

31:22 Conclusion

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