The Golf Fitness Foundation- Start Here!

You should even start here if you’re advanced with fitness training.

Many people that go to the gym often, either mostly do the exercises they like (because they’re easy for them) and the majority of the time, those aren’t the ones they really need.

I always tell golfers I have 3 main priorities when working with a client.

#1 I need to address the mobility and stability issues in their mobile joints (shoulders, hips, thoracic spine, etc…) and get them to move more freely.

#2 I need to teach you how to activate the biggest stability muscles (the core and glutes). Once you’ve mastered this EVERYTHING gets easier.

#3 I have to improve your movement skills, aka coordination. If you don’t understand how to use your newly mobile joints or fire the core and or glutes to move, the above 2 are a waste. Golfers need to understand which muscles are going help separate the hips and shoulders, and which ones need to be shut off to let it happen.

After we’ve done our initial Golf Fitness Assessment, we create your foundation program. This could be a 2-6 week process depending on your level.

Below are exercises straight from our mobile training app that we use for clients all over the world.

I just had one of our Off-Season Golf Fitness Program participants send me a message after completing a similar workout, here’s what he said:

“Just went through the day 1 training and I can feel some results already. I'm impressed, as I was already doing a different providers maintenance routine.”