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5 Minute Warm-Up Is What You Need To Save Strokes

Next time you get the course or driving range, give this simple warm-up a shot before you tee it up.

So many times we see golfers run from the car to the pro shop, pay there green fees and run to the first tee. Even if they have an extra 5 minutes they try and get to the range so they can hit a few balls before teeing off.

If you just spent those 5 minutes prepping the body for what it's about to go through, it could make the difference between double and par on the first couple holes.

When I say prep the body for what it's about to go through, I don't mean grab 2 clubs and force your body through a range of motion it isn't ready for.

The 2 most important movements to prep are hip turn and shoulder turn, and this video gives you simple movements to do and all you need is a band or a driver.

Give these a try and let us know how you do.

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