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At Home Golf Fitness Assessment

If you were going to drive to a place you’ve never been before, would you punch the address in your GPS system? If you were going to make a new dinner, would you find the recipe?

If you wanted to improve your golf game by ridding yourself of limitations in your body that are causing you pain, or a case of the slices, would you find out where your limitations are and create a plan to help?

I hope so! I’m not sure I would eat your dinner, if not!

I filmed a new video for you so you can assess yourself to see where your limitations are and over the next 2 months I will deliver simple exercises to address each part of the assessment.

Our goal is to help all golfers play better by improving the #1 piece of equipment, your body.

The only problem is, many times what you think you're doing is not what you are actually doing, I recommend using a mirror to watch yourself during the assessment.

Use the video below to assess yourself and let us know how you do, by commenting below.

If you would rather have us do a live assessment with you using Skype or Facetime, then visit our online coaching programs page here.

Stay tuned next week for our first installment of exercises to make you better!

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