Off-Season Training

I was literally laughed at.

In 2002 I told a couple colleagues I wanted to focus my training on golfers. Their reply, “Haha! Golfers don’t workout!”

I stuck with it, and boy have times changed!

There are so many different benefits to exercise, but creating specific programs for the golfing body will make a huge difference in anyone’s game. I have seen it first hand for 15 years now.

It’s like any fitness program though, you don’t get the results unless you put in the work, and when I say work, it’s not like you’re training for a bodybuilding contest or a marathon. Golf specific exercises help you move better, especially in rotation.

Over the years I have worked with kids as young as 5 up to adults in their 80’s. Of course the programs are different, but the results are incredible, not only in the golf swing, but also in their overall well being.

It has always been my goal to introduce more golfers to fitness, not only to improve their golf games, but to improve their lifestyle.

Here are some of the reasons clients begin a golf fitness routine:

  • Relief from pain caused by the swing, usually in the lower back, knees, or shoulders

  • Increase clubhead speed