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Developing more power in your swing

I am not a huge fan of trying to develop a ton of power for your golf swing unless you are a Long Drive competitor. After all, the ball rolls a lot farther in the fairway than the rough.

You see, most “guys” want distance so they just swing harder and if they count penalty strokes they post the worst score they can remember. If they say “I’ll just hit another one,” then we all know someone like that, right?

Anyway, I like going for more power in the swing, but after you’ve learned to develop the mobility, stability and strength that will help you keep it in the short stuff. Make sense?

Here is a video that gives you some safe exercises to get a little more power in your swing, but remember you need to be stable and mobile too!

I have a little challenge if you’ve read this far. Count how many times I say the word “power” in this video, comment your answer below and we’ll give 2 people a free month of our online training program. After watching it back, I could not believe how many times I said it!!

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