How We Design Our Adult Group Golf Fitness Classes

Small group classes are a great, cost effective way to workout in an energetic atmosphere while still benefiting from the expertise of the Hansen Fitness for golf coaches. The classes are structured in a way that will enable you work on golf specific movements to benefit your game and help keep you injury free, and also work on your general fitness to get you in all round better shape.

We put a lot of work into ensuring we have our classes structured so that you get an extremely comprehensive workout, with all fitness elements receiving attention.

Most regular class goers arrive 5 minutes early and start gently on the bike or elliptical to get their blood circulating and temperature elevated. This warm-up is important to get your body ready for slightly more vigorous exercises to follow, and also gives you a chance to get dialed in mentally.

The classes then follow this structure:

Mobility & Warm-up (10-15 min): During this phase of the workout we concentrate on exercises to improve the range of motion at key areas like the ankles, hips, spine, and shoulders. These areas are commonly restricted in people which can lead to issues creating mechanically sound swings, power, and forcing other areas of the body to try and provide more mobility than they should, sometimes leading to overuse injuries. During this time we make sure to include exercises that groove important body mechanics in the golf swing, like hip hinging for posture, and separation of pelvis and torso rotation.