Top 3 Lessons Learned So Far In My 8 MPH in 8 Week Challenge.

3.5 Weeks ago I embarked on a challenge for myself. I wanted 20 more yards with my driver (controlled yards).

Why? There are many reasons!

I only play 4 to 5 times per year, and 80% of the time it's in a scramble, with the people that invited me expecting me to be the BIG hitter. Then I swing too hard, and by 5th hole they're saying, "hey Mike, maybe you should use 3 wood on this one, we need one in the fairway!"

I want to experience what my clients go through! I went through all our testing (movement, strength, power and 3D) to get a good idea of where I needed the most work. I took a lesson to see if there is anything I could do there for more distance.

If you haven't seen that video I suggest you check it out here.