8mph in 8 Weeks Half Way Update

My first swing after warming up with some shorter clubs was 104.8 mph, which if you remember from the first meeting between Bob Lasken and I was already faster than the 102.7 mph I had then.

So I’m Happy!

Then Bob said, “flare your feet out a little bit, left one way out and right one slightly”. He knew my hips were tight from the running I had been doing, and this would allow me to get a bigger hip turn in both directions. What happened on the next swing?

BOOM!!!! 110mph

I was amazed! I knew I had it in me, but I didn’t even feel like I swung that hard.

The rest of lesson we worked on getting that number consistently and getting a better “smash factor” which is making good contact with the driver face.

Check out the entire lesson here

There are a lot of really good take aways from the lesson, but if you’re in a rush go to the 14:40 mark.

Some good tips from the lesson are:

  • Keeping a loose grip and shoulders, and not tightening any muscles

  • Taking hard practice swings before hitting driver on the course

  • Flaring the feet for better hip rotation

  • Fast hips and fast hands will help square the face

Just keep in mind these tips are for me and may or may not work for your swing