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Bam!!! Goal Reached, Clubhead Speed More Than PGA Tour Average!

I actually increased my clubhead speed 11mph in my 8 week challenge! I am proud of myself. Believe it or not, I've never done anything like this publicly.

Like anyone else, I've had internal battles with myself, set goals but never told anyone about them. Are those really goals?

I wanted to put myself out there for a few reasons.

1. So I had you to answer to if I didn't achieve my goal. Many times when I didn't feel like doing a workout or a swing session, I would think of that.

2. I wanted to show you that I do know how to get golfers to swing faster. I didn't need to prove it to myself because I've been doing it with clients for over 15 years.

I videoed the final meeting with Bob Lasken, but unfortunately my guy that does my videos was on vacation so I brought the next best thing, my 11 year old daughter, who can navigate an iphone better than most and she doesn't even have her own.

So, I just told her get the results of each drive. You can check out the video here.

How I did it.

I went through our complete assessment to see where I had limitations and deficiencies that I can improve upon. I learned my leg explosiveness needed to get better, my thoracic spine and hips were tight, and those are the 2 most important joints. See the assessment post here

Swing Check In's

I went to see my good friend Bob Lasken at Arroyo Trabuco to get my initial swing speed and a few tips to increase my speed.

Meeting 1: Swing Speed 102 mph. Main takeaway, my hips were outracing my hands, so I had to feel hands going faster from the top of the swing.

Meeting 2: Swing Speed 110 mph! (4 weeks in) Main takeaway was to flare my feet to allow the hips to clear better since they were starting to get tight.

Meeting 3: Swing Speed 114 mph! (8 weeks in) Main takeaway was keep my shoulders and hands loose and really fire the hips and bring the hands down faster.


The most important aspects to my program was consistency, sticking with the program and not missing any workouts. The key to reaching any goal is staying consistent and having patience.

Once I learned the program I needed, I wanted to keep it simple and get better with every workout. The SuperSpeed Sticks were vital to gaining speed. The science behind the program is solid and coming from someone that doesn't swing the club that often, they taught my body how to move faster in the swing.

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