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2021 World Long Drive Competitor Preparing for the Championships

We are very excited to have our own Client/Coach, Brant DeBeor competing in next week's PLDA World Long Drive Championships. He will be going up the best of the best in the world.

Brant has quickly risen to the top of the competitors, after just starting to compete a year ago. When he started training, we realized that his lower body was lacking power, so we went to work and almost instantly saw his clubhead speed go from 130mph to 145mph.

We recently filmed one of his workouts to give you an inside look at how he trains to prepare for the World Championships in Mesquite, NV. They will take place beginning September 28th.

We do not recommend these workouts for everyone, Brant is a world class athlete that has been training for a long time.

The main focus in the workout is to get his legs as explosive as possible as well as training his core to transfer that energy from the lower body to the arms.

You’ll see we use different measuring devices to ensure he is using maximum effort. Measuring also gives us the numbers we need to make sure he is getting faster with each session.

Take a look! Whether you are looking to incorporate some of these exercises into your own training, or you’d just like to see how those beasts prepare, I think you’ll enjoy it.

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