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Are You Walking Your Dog or Is Your Dog Walking You?

5 Tips to change your daily perspective and attitude right now!

How is the whole COVID-19 Pandemic impacting you?

Are you controlling what you can and leading your own path or being dragged along by fear and the media?

I went on a run this morning, usually I go early, before the sun comes up, but since I don’t have to get my kids to school on time and my wife is teaching from home, I got to go out a little later.

What I saw was very interesting!

Usually I only see a handful of people out before the sun comes up, but today there were a lot of people out, with their dogs.

The day was beautiful, the sun was shining, it was a little chilly and the air was cleaner than I could ever remember (goes to show you what having less cars on the road will do).

When you exercise you get this sort of euphoric feeling, endorphins kick in and you just feel good!

So naturally, I was smiling and saying “good morning” to all the people I ran by. This wasn’t your typical trip to the grocery store nowadays where people go out of their way to avoid getting close to you or even making eye contact with you.

I like to run in the middle of the street and let those with their dogs have the sidewalks, so I wasn’t even close to them.

The crazy thing was 9 out of 10 either completely ignored me or scowled at me and muttered “good morning” back. It was like it was painful for them, just holding onto the leash and letting the dog sniff or do what it does.

After the first few instances I thought, maybe they couldn’t hear me, so I made sure to say it louder, but still the same reactions. Crazy, I thought.

So, I turned it into a game, I made sure each person I came across, I would have a big smile and say, “good morning” so I knew they could hear me. I even took a bit further with a few and said, “beautiful day, isn’t it?” or “I hope you enjoy the rest of your day”

But still, It was like I was bothering people.

Don’t get me wrong, there were a few that would smile back and reply in a joyful tune.

I could remember last Summer when I ran later in the mornings I would get a lot more joyful replies. Is it that more people are depressed, is it too early for some and their dogs needed to do their business? Maybe folks are just out of their routines.

I’m not sure, but it was disturbing to me to see all these people that woke up this morning, live in a great neighborhood, have two legs that they can walk their dogs with, look healthy, but seemed so down.

These folks looked like their dogs were just leading them around aimlessly and they were along for the ride.

Let’s be grateful for what we DO HAVE!

Yes, life right now can suck, there are a lot of unknowns, there is a lot of fear provoked by the media, and so called experts on the internet.

The fact is 99% of us are going to be fine, life will go on and the question is, will you be better or worse when it does?

Here are a quick 5 Daily To-Do’s to help you through this time.

1. Write down one thing you are grateful for. It could be simply that you woke up, or you have food to eat, or your family is healthy, or even you have a bed to sleep in. Because many don’t. Just pick 1!

2. Deliberately move for 15 minutes. Walk outside, stretch, find a workout on YouTube (we have lot of them). Do something for 15 minutes, if it feels good keep going. You’d be surprised once endorphins kick how much better you feel, so set the intention.

3. Talk to a neighbor (stay 6ft apart) or a family member. Knowing that others are going through the same thing makes you realize you’re not in this alone. Many others have it worse than you do, and that will give you a different perspective.

4. Read for 15 minutes. It will take your mind off things. Stop watching the news or aimlessly scrolling through your phone. There is a lot of negativity out there and you choose what you want to put into your mind, make it positive.

5. Do something productive. Start a new hobby, deep clean your house, cook a new meal, educate yourself on a new topic. We all would say, “I just don’t have the time for that”, well guess what? Now you do! No excuses just commit to 1 thing and watch how much better you feel.

My main point is control what you can, be positive, don’t get torn up by the media, and make the most of this situation. Everyone has a choice, make yours to get better.

Have a great day and I hope reading this positively impacts you!

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