Are You Walking Your Dog or Is Your Dog Walking You?

5 Tips to change your daily perspective and attitude right now!

How is the whole COVID-19 Pandemic impacting you?

Are you controlling what you can and leading your own path or being dragged along by fear and the media?

I went on a run this morning, usually I go early, before the sun comes up, but since I don’t have to get my kids to school on time and my wife is teaching from home, I got to go out a little later.

What I saw was very interesting!

Usually I only see a handful of people out before the sun comes up, but today there were a lot of people out, with their dogs.

The day was beautiful, the sun was shining, it was a little chilly and the air was cleaner than I could ever remember (goes to show you what having less cars on the road will do).

When you exercise you get this sort of euphoric feeling, endorphins kick in and you just feel good!

So naturally, I was smiling and saying “good morning” to all the people I ran by. This wasn’t your typical trip to the grocery store nowadays where people go out of their way to avoid getting close to you or even making eye contact with you.