Will You Be Ready To Compete When You Need To?

What if I told you, “Don’t stretch before a big round”?

You’re thinking, what? All I see from this guy is a pre-round warm-up or 5 minute warm-up routine.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a HUGE advocate for warming up the body before you play, so let me explain.

If you don’t ever stretch before your round, why start when you have a lot on the line?

Picture this, you have a big match, you’re FIRED UP today. You get to the course extra early, because you want to be ready, so before you tee off you do a bunch of stretches you saw on the internet.

Time for the first tee shot, you’re feeling good. Nice and loose.

You take the swing and BOOM!! Slice it OB. What? You felt good, you were ready, and you hit the worst tee shot you’ve hit in years!


Your body was not used to being that mobile when swinging the driver. You’re used to being tight and making a shorter swing, your hips took off and your arms couldn’t keep up.

Trust me I’ve seen it!