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To Assess Or Not To Assess

That is the question.

The real question is, why wouldn’t you?

Sure, we can give you a program with the most common problems we see in the adult golfing body, but wouldn’t you want to know what YOU need? What’s going to get YOU better faster?

Let’s just say you’ve been slicing the ball, you go to a golf instructor and they give you a few drills to try and make you hit it straighter and they don’t seem to work. Your first thought is “that instructor doesn’t know what he’s talking about”.

So you go see another one or better yet, start watching YouTube videos on how to not slice the ball.

Now, out of the 14 tee shots you have you only slice it 9 times. Not going to be a very good score!

So, you spend $400 on a new driver, because it MUST be the equipment, right?

Now, you’re hitting it farther, just not the right fairway, slice is still there.

What if you checked on the #1 piece of equipment? The body!

If you’re so tight you can’t make a full shoulder turn, there is a good chance you’re coming over the top.

If you’re so weak you can’t maintain your posture, and trying to take an inside path on the downswing, now you get the old push slice.

If you’ve tried everything and still have a nasty ball flight or problems with ball striking consistency, I would bet the house it’s a physical limitation.

How do you figure out what’s wrong? Undergo a physical golf fitness assessment!

We look at EVERYTHING!

  • How much you can turn your hips

  • How much you can turn your shoulders

  • If you have adequate strength in the core and glutes to maintain your posture

  • If you’re arms are so tight you finish with a chicken wing

  • If you don’t have the coordination to clear your hips so the club can come down on a good path

  • And so much more…

Take a look at this video to see how we measure you to correlate the physical limitations with your swing limitations.

Hopefully that helped you understand how we coordinate the two.

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