How To Use 3-D To Assess and Measure Your Movement

Technology in golf is at an all time high!

There are more and more devices, apps, software, and scientist involved in golf instruction and the game itself.

Days of a golf instructor just using a camera or some videos of tour pros to explain to you what they are trying to get you to do, are gone.

There is a lot of valuable information and feedback you can get nowadays, but learning to apply it is another thing.

The one piece of equipment you are starting to see more and more is the 3-D system. This allows an instructor to measure the exact movements you are making, the exact amount of separation you are getting as well as how efficient you are using your body.

K-Motion has one of the more affordable and most popularly used systems out there. This system allows you to measure how much your shoulders and hips rotate, bend, and tilt. Which can be very valuable if you know how to apply it.

We created a video to better explain how we use 3-D to assess and teach our clients proper muscle activation and movement. It is a very powerful tool when it comes to biomechanics and giving the client feedback they can understand.

We don’t not teach the golf swing here at Hansen Fitness For Golf, but we do teach the golfer how to be more efficient, make better movements, understand how to apply those movements and control their body better. We do this through many different methods, but the one that usually works best for our clients understanding, is by providing measurement and feedback they can use, we use the K-Vest to do that.

I think the hardest part about golf instruction is to communicate what the instructor is trying to tell the student in a way that the student understands it. If you can get the golfer to “feel” what you are saying your success percentage is going to go WAY UP!

When we assess a golfer’s ability to move in a manner that is going to make their body more efficient and consistent we want them to be able to “feel” what it’s like to mak