Junior Golf Fitness Questions Answered

A few years ago I was interviewed by the Southern California PGA Junior Association about how we work with our junior golf clients. Since then our program has grown by leaps and bounds, I think it’s because fitness in juniors has become more prevalent and important in their development, and I also think it’s because we still focus on all the same aspects as we did 4 years ago.

It’s no secret to compete in golf or to earn a college scholarship, fitness should be a big part of preparation, and we pride ourselves in delivering the best and most effective services to all our juniors clients.

Here are my answers to the questions below:

1. What is the number one thing you work on with your juniors and why?

We have adopted the belief of experts who have proven sensitive periods or critical times in every child’s life where certain skills can be learned at an accelerated rate. These critical times are called windows of opportunity that as a coach, we would not want to miss.

With 8-11 year olds we focus on their fundamental movement skills like skipping, hopping, shuffling and foot coordination. This is very important in their development and will seamlessly transfer over to their golf swing.