The Top 3 Things You Must Do This Winter For Your Golf Game

Have you ever the phrase, “take 2 weeks off and then quit”?

I’m not sure who said it first, but I had a client come in and said “I finally went and took a lesson” I said, “oh yeah, what did they tell you?”

He said, they told me “take 2 weeks off and then quit” Haha! I’m pretty sure it wasn't a true story, but have you ever felt that way about your golf game?

If you’re fortunate enough to live in a climate where you can play golf all year round, good for you, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

You, your body, and your mental state could always use some time away from the game.

I you live where it’s freezing cold and that white stuff is on the ground, then you’re pretty much forced to take a break. Trust me, you’re better off in the long run.

Below are my top 3 things you can do this time of year to improve your game without playing, unless you want to look like this guy.