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Follow My Journey As I Try To Increase My Clubhead Speed 8 MPH in 8 Weeks!

I have issued myself a challenge!

I don't get to play a lot of golf and when I do it's in a scramble. People invite me because they think I'm a big hitter, I will bomb it down the fairway for them.

The truth is, by today's standards I have average to below average clubhead speed.

After having it tested on Bob Lasken's Flight Scope (In Video) it's right between 100.2-102.7

So, I'm thinking I need 25 more yards and at 2.5 yards per mile per hour, I need 8 more mph, 9 or 10 wouldn't be so bad either!

To get it, I figured I'd go to the place I knew I could count on most to get me there, Hansen Fitness For Golf!

The Assessment

I needed a starting point, like everyone does so I had "Irish" Mike (Our Coach) take me through our movement, power and 3-D assessment!

In the movement assessment, what he found was, my hips were tight, my thoracic (shoulder turn) was bad on one side and okay on the other, my glutes were weak and I need to work on my balance.

My strength/power was pretty good.

The K-Vest (3-D) was interesting. We found that my body is not as efficient as I had thought it was and I can definitely pick up a lot of speed by starting the downswing more with my lower body. It also showed that I was setting up too open and was causing a lot of left shots.

The Swing

Next it was time to go see my good friend and awesome swing coach, Bob Lasken down at Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club in Mission Viejo.

He uses the Flight Scope, so I knew he could measure my swing speed.

I was also hoping he could give me a few tips to get more clubhead speed.

What he told me was so cool! He said, "you need to start the downswing with your hips and whip are arms through faster!"

You see, I see this happen ALL the time with my clients, where I'll see limitations in the body and almost be able to envision their swing before I ever see them swing, and when I do, I'm almost 100% spot on.

What Bob saw was the limitations in my hips were prohibiting me from firing my hips first and the K-vest showed my arm speed was way slower than the average tour pro out there.

It was so neat to see all the signs (physical, power, 3-D assessment and swing lesson) all point to the same issues. So, now I know exactly what I need to work on!

Why Document?

I'm hoping by putting myself and this program out there I may be able to educate, inspire and help some golfers get a little more clubhead speed as well.

On a selfish note, I need accountability! Coaches need coaches!

If I know someone else is following along or waiting for me to release the next program, then I am not just answering to myself I have to do it for others as well.

Where you can follow!

-Right here weekly on this blog

-Almost daily on our Instagram page @hansenfitnessforgolf

-If you want to get the program details, exactly what the protocols are fill out the form to the right and I will add you to the list that gets the program details.

That's all for now! Program starts on Friday, May 31st!

Be on the lookout on Thursday, May 30th when we release the program design outline!

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