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January - March Are The 3 Most Important Months For Golfers

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

How much do you love playing golf?

I’ve been in the industry for awhile now, and after working with thousands of different golfers, I know they LOVE this game. I also know they hate this game!

If you play a little or a lot of golf, you know it's a love hate relationship. I want you to love it more than you hate it. But, it’s really your choice.

I can rant and rave now about you doing some sort of Off-Season Golf Workout Program until I’m blue in the face. Will you do it? Unfortunately probably not.

This is my 15th year of owning and operating Hansen Fitness For Golf, and year after year I see some clients commit to getting better in the winter months and I get to watch them excel, play better than they ever have in the summer and it excites me beyond words.

Then there’s the other end of the spectrum, I have also seen the ones that don’t do anything different in the Off-Season and play the same crappy golf they did the year before or even worse their handicap goes up because they’re a year older and the body isn’t quite working like it used to.

The best is the guy that calls me up in June and says he’s going on a golf trip in July and wants to get ready for it. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

The most frustrating thing for me is that I know it doesn’t take a ton of work to prepare the body for a better game. It could be just undergoing a Golf Fitness Assessment to find out where you need the most help so you can get a few simple exercises to help your game. Or Join a Golf Fitness Class to help address the weaknesses in your body to make sure you’re ready when you start playing more.

Looking for more distance? It could be a 6 week Golf Speed Clinic that makes all the difference. There are some very simple things you can start right now that will really pay off in the summer.

The choice is yours. Will you play better or the same or even more tragic, worse?

Here are 3 things that you can start today to make a difference in the summer:

Begin a 20 minute daily stretching routine

Focus on

  • The Thoracic Spine

  • The Hips

  • The Shoulders

Spend 10 minutes a day working on proper movement

Focus on

  • Shoulder Rotation

  • Hip Turns

  • Hip Hinging

Spend 5 minutes a day swing your club upside down

Focus on

  • Grab the driver by the head and swing

  • 5 times dominate side

  • 5 time non-dominant side

  • Repeat 3 time each side

Do you have a minute to help me out? I have created a 5 question survey that will give me some insight into how I can service golfers better. You can complete it here, I would really appreciate it!

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